YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY is active in the field of facility management (FM) and maintenance, providing a complete package of relevant services, always according to the appropriate plan of action, its cost estimation, and the implementation supervision. Ensuring this way, the quality completion of work, at the budgeted cost, with adherence to the working time-tables, and at the same time by applying safety, health and environmental protection standards.

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY integrates, maintains, and develops the customer-selected services within the organization in such a way designed to improve and promote its activity, ensuring the parallel functionality of people, spaces, machines and technology.

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY is socially sensitive inspired by the principles of social responsibility and equality, with high concern in people, the environment and culture. For this reason, the company is certified according to the quality systems ISO 9001: 2015 for organizational issues, ISO 45001: 2018 for safety and health, ISO 14001: 2015 for environmental protection and ISO 41001: 2018 for facility management.

Our philosophy and consequently our operation are based on the integrated and high-quality services, the adaptability to the requirements of the era and the particularities of each individual customer.

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY. Facility management equals to life management.
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YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY is a vital member of Ypostirixis Group which was created by Ioannis Voutsas in 1988 with a strong presence in Greece and abroad in the fields of construction, real estate development and exploitation projects.

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY, having acquired complex know-how and guided by the respect for the customer and the environment, is intensively active in the facility management and maintenance of large budget facilities, such as buildings, hospitals, hotel units, industries etc providing a wide range of services, guaranteeing quality results, project delivery at the right time and at the most advantageous cost.


The fundamental corporate values of YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY are the solid basis on which our relationships with our partners and customers develop:
The aims of our company are: