Facility management is a critical business practice as it concerns a multidimensional range of services which with the right actions ensures the efficiency of the constructed environment, by upgrading the processes, the technology and the people, consequently the place and the quality of life in general.

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY is characterized by the high-quality standards of its services. Its success lies in its client-centric focus. Our clients, by choosing to work with us, stop worrying about issues like maintenance, equipment operation, cleanliness and safety, since YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY acquires a Help Desk 24/7, so that our clients are assisted at any time and place, while being able to follow the working progress Live and be informed about its development.

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY provides services tailored to the needs of each client. Our specialized crews as well as our certified and specialized Facility Managers (civil engineers & mechanical engineers) have the necessary know-how to provide a wide range of services with efficiency and respect for the client and the environment. In specific:

Hard Services

Preventive maintenance is a prerequisite for the safe, quality and efficient operation of any equipment or installation. Proper implementation of the preventive maintenance program increases their reliability, as well as reduces the frequency and size of operating errors. Having provided for each case, the Hard Services offered by FACILITY are divided into regular preventive maintenance and emergency corrective maintenance, and refer to the following areas:

Construction maintenance

Internal and external construction works, restorations and maintenance of building infrastructure, such as tiling, plastering, oil painting and various repairs.

Mechanical maintenance

Installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of all types of mechanical equipment. We test and adjust the operation as well as check the efficiency and power of the mechanical equipment and the safety provided during its use.

Maintenance of fire detection and fire-extinguishing systems

Installation, inspection and maintenance of permanent fire-fighting networks, mobile equipment, fire-fighting systems, and fire-detection systems. Installation, inspection and maintenance of fire-detection systems, zones or addressable fire-detectors, fire-alarm buttons, pressure networks, sprinkler control and permanent fire extinguishing system.

Security system maintenance

Installation, operation control and maintenance of security systems such as alarms. Indicative maintenance on access control panels, recording systems (cameras), cabling, etc.

Ventilation maintenance

Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems, in particular central ventilation systems, gas installations, dust removal and ventilation systems with industrial filters etc.

Pumping station maintenance

Inspections, maintenance and damage repairs are carried out in pumping stations, for their safest, uninterrupted and economical operation. Examples of related tasks are the control and adjustment of safety systems (eg flow switches), alignment of motors and pumps, maintenance and adjustment of tank level control systems, etc.

Water supply & sewerage maintenance

Inspection, maintenance and replacement of old water supply and sewerage systems. An example of relevant work is the maintenance and repairs of tanks, valves, air exhausts, wells, rainwater networks, manhole wells etc.

Plant land & garden maintenance

Plant land installation and maintenance and garden maintenance. Examples of landscape maintenance works are the “clothing” of slopes and the appropriate land and plantation filling of medians and islets, the cutting of the lawn, the pruning, the collection and removal of the plant waste, the control of the maintenance of the automatic irrigation, the appropriate plant protection etc.

Maintenance of electrical installations, medium voltage substations & generators

Inspection and maintenance of electrical installations and if necessary, replacement of old ones, such as in professional lighting installations, in medium voltage substations, in structured cabling installations (data telephony), generators etc.

Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance, such as cleaning the indoor and outdoor unit components, fans, condensate drains, air filters, fan blades and cover, checking of the compressor circuit breakers, tightening supply cables, check for coolant leaks and general safety control of the air conditioning unit.

Soft Services

Soft Services include activities that are easily variable and often considered to be of secondary importance, but are a key choice for upgrading the quality of business operations as well as the lifestyle in general. The relevant services offered by YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY include the following:

Waste management

Regarding the waste management services, our company undertakes on behalf of our clients their proper collection and transfer to appropriately licensed units for processing.

Management and supply of consumables

With management and supply service of consumables, we aim to cover all the needs of your business in raw materials regarding cleaning and stationery, in order to ensure the smooth daily operation with interruptions.

Cleaning services

We provide professional cleaning services, ensuring the absolute hygiene for the office, home, building or industrial unit, while using environmentally friendly products. Indicatively, we undertake the cleaning of floors, staircases, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

Disinfection, disinfestation & rodenticide services

With the most appropriate and safe means, we offer disinfection, disinfestation & rodenticide services in buildings, homes and businesses. Examples of the above services are bio-cleaning and acaricide, microbicide, bed bug application, mosquitoicide, rodenticide and disinfestation to combat unwanted rodents and insects.

Human Resources Services

YPOSTIRIXIS FACILITY can offer effective solutions to the temporary Humans Resources needs of our clients (hiring of staff). Our main concern is to identify the appropriate candidates so that they meet the specialized needs of each company.

Candidates’ profiles are derived from a structured resume (cv) base, while potential employees are evaluated through specialized face-to-face interviews and evaluation tests, so that there is practical proof of their knowledge on the subject.